Next year PCEG will celebrate its 25th anniversary. The group was originally formed by a number of local people concerned that our environment was suffering from lack of care. We work to conserve, maintain and develop the green and built environment of Plumstead and Winn’s Commons.

We are always involved in a range of activities, and although we have about 100 members, we always need people to do some hands-on volunteering in some of our projects. Do get in touch with us if you would like to become involved.

Our last big project was the improvements in the Plumstead Common Nature Reserve to make it more attractive and accessible. We were partners in another project to transform the derelict former swing park adjacent to Azile Everett House. The community garden will be carried forward by another community organisation, and we will soon see it working as a useful resource for the community.

We have regular work days at our two principal sites, the Slade Ponds and the Plumstead Common Nature Reserve ― see the calendar for dates and times.

We’re “on the case” all the time ― and alongside objections to inappropriate planning applications, we work with developers to try and ensure the special character of the area is respected.

Photographs clockwise from top left: Bluebells in the Nature Reserve; restoring the railings at the Slade Ponds; Earn Your Travel Back volunteers in the Plumstead Common Nature Reserve;  PCEG’s free music festival Plumstead Live!;  the litter haul from the Slade Ponds one Sunday; volunteering at the Slade Ponds; planting the Jubilee Oak trees in partnership with St Margaret’s School.