It's Trucked Off!

So the fence around Workhouse Wood has all gone. We dismantled, walked across the common and loaded into huge trucks 6.8 tons of iron! Thanks to Chrissie, Kay Bartlett, Chris Cook, Chris Long and Harry Holmes who responded to my cries for help. The Parks Department, as you can see above, were also extremely helpful.

Thanks, too, to Laurence Pinturault who relieved me to go to the dentist and gave me some most helpful advice. Alison Miller has given me a valuable hour or two, as - of course- has Chrissie. Now, as we go forward on this project I will really need some time to myself, and would be delighted if members can help out. Rest assured the heavy work is over.

The current task is creating the circular 250 metre route through the wood. We are still collecting bags of debris from the site. On Friday we spent ages retrieving loads and loads of discarded (unused!) Incopads. We filled about four sacks with them. Well, St Nick's did specialise in geriatric care towards the end.

This was the path through the wood at the beginning of the week. It is now one metre wide and easy to walk.Clearing it on Friday we found a shopping trolley (of course!), the chassis of an old pram and a bag of bones!

Tomorrow, and tomorrow and tomorrow

On Sunday we have our regular volunteer session at the Slade Ponds starting at 11am. Do come along, even if you can only spare an hour . . . and the you can hop over to Workhouse Wood to see how it's going.
We stand a very good chance of getting a grant of thousands of pounds from Tesco, which I have applied for, so tomorrow I have an arboriculturalist coming to price up the work that will make the wood safer and more sustainable. It hasn't been managed for decades, and some of those trees need a little help. We also have a member's son coming along to start his Duke of Edinburgh Award volunteering project. I've suggested he identifies and maps as many trees as he can.

These concrete posts are even older than the corrugated iron, and they are too firmly embedded for us to remove, so we have a man coming to price cutting them at the base with an angle grinder. Once the curvy tops have been removed we can recycle them to provide margins for the paths.

Flytippers Beware!

We found this mess in the usual spot in Brewery Road, and a quick rummage (with strong gloves!) revealed evidence that enabled Royal Greenwich Enforcement staff to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice, followed by two more when they revisited the location in the ensuing days!

They won't get away with it!

This disgusting mess is inside the margin of Workhouse Wood and we are working with council officers to get it removed. One nearby resident has been encouraged to clean up the front of his house to the huge gratitude of neighbours who had not known how to deal with a situation that seemed out of control. The PCEG have got some new friends!

Plastic bag 5p charge cuts usage by almost 80 per cent, Tesco says
The 5p plastic bag levy has resulted in an almost 80 per cent drop in the number of bags taken home by supermarket shoppers in England, the first data since the introduction of the charge suggests.
Early figures from Britainís biggest retailer, Tesco, suggest the levy is succeeding in its aim of drastically reducing usage of single-use carrier bags, 7.6 billion of which were handed out by major English supermarkets last year alone.

See you soon?


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